10+ Free To Use Cupid PNG’s Collection

TheToonCompany.com offers a high-quality transparent PNG images of Cupid, the god of love and desire in classical mythology. The image depicts Cupid as a cute and playful cartoon character, holding his iconic wings,  bow and arrow with a quiver on his back. He has a happy expression on his face, with rosy cheeks and bright eyes. The image is rendered in a colorful and vivid style, with shading and highlights that give it a retro two-dimensional line art look.

Romantic Cupid cartoons. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and Love Related Projects! Here is a Collection of Hand crafted Free Cupid Clipart Collection included Balloons, Playing Harp, Happy, Mobile, Heart, Cloud, Arrow and Phone! Also Many for placing text like Blank Cloud and Speech Bubble. These Comic Style Cartoon Doodles of Cupid are Easy to use and Play with. Enjoy! 

To Download PNG, Click each image and Go to the Download Pages :

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